by bicycle是什么意思

  • by bicycle是什么意思
  • by bicycle[英][bai baisikl][美][ba ba虎丹港柑蕃纺歌尸攻建skl]adv.骑脚踏车; 双语例句1She usually goes to school 2 by bicycle.她通常骑脚踏车去上学。 2The company developed the readyset unit, a plug-and-play battery that can be charged either by solar panels or bicycle.这家公司开发出了一种即插即用的电池ReadySet,可以通过太阳能电池板或自行车充电。

your bicycle here是什么意思中文翻译

  • your bicycle here是什么意思中文翻译
  • your bicycle here 你的自行车在这里

All in good time 是什么意思

  • All in good time 是什么意思
  • All in good time 时机一到 时机刚刚好;很快就好了例句筛选1.You can have a 辅掸滇赶鄄非殿石东将new bicycle all in good time.在适当的时候,你可以买一辆新自行车了。2.All in good time, gentlemen, |all in good time.各位先生在这美好时刻…


  • sightseeing是什么意思
  • sightseeing n. 观光,游览;1. Sightseeing is best done either by tour bus or by bicycles. 最好是乘坐旅游巴士或骑自行车观光。2. Did you have a chance to do any sight旦单测竿爻放诧虱超僵seeing ? 你有没有出去游览的机会?

shenzhens clampdown on e-bike hits courier services上是什么意思

  • shenzhens clampdown on e-bike hits courier services上是什么意思
  • A crackdown on the use of unlicensed electric bikes and freight tricycles in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, has paralyzed courier services, leaving delivery workers struggling to cope with piles of undelivered packages.The campaign, launched by the citys traffic police on March 21, has resulted in 沪弧高旧薨搅胳些供氓the seizure of 17,975 electric bikes by March 31, and 874 people were detained on charges of operating them illegally, according to the polices Sina Weibo account.Only electric bicycles that have been registered with the traffic police are allowed to operate on the roads and freight tricycles have been forbidden in the city.The campaign has hit Shenzhens express delivery


  • 音标baisikl是什么单词
  • bicycle英音:[baisikl]美音:[baskl]。作为名词姬姬灌肯弑厩鬼询邯墨n. 是脚踏车,自行车;缆车的意思。作为不及物动词是骑脚踏车的意思。


  • 一位骑自行车的老人摔了下来的翻译是:什么意思
  • 翻译如下一位骑自行车的老人摔了下涪辅帝恍郜喝佃桶顶垃来An old man riding a bicycle fell down


  • 我在八岁时学会骑自行车的的翻译是:什么意思
  • 我在八岁时学会骑自行车的的翻译是:I learned to ride a bicycle when I was eight years old


  • childrenofbike是什么意思
  • children of bike儿童自行车bik虎偿港锻蕃蹬歌拳攻哗e自行车; 摩托车; 电动自行车; 骑自行车; “motorbicycle”的变体


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